Registering your business in Toronto can be a very simple process. Hence, if you follow the guidelines in a step-wise format. Business registration online is a very simple process. Ironically, as most of the businesses these days in Toronto city. Thus, are done online. This is to avoid the complexities. Precisely, of going through the hassles of registration of your business. Otherwise, while taking the services of a specialised accountant. For business registration online Ontario. Hence, obviously as Ontario is the Province in which Toronto is placed. Thus, being the largest cities of Ontario province.

For Online business registration the first & primary thing is the name of the company. The company name should be a unique one on the website of CRA. That is, the Canada revenue Agency. Obviously, as the company that is registered for business in Canada. Hence, needs to be registered initially on the CRA for business registration online cra. Canada revenue agency. Alternatively, the CRA keeps a record of all the businesses. Thus, as the unique company registration number. Specifically, provides all the details of the company. That is, in form of the taxation provided. Apart from this, all the rest of the key aspects associated.

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Initially, you need to incorporate your business. That is, through federal incorporation or the provincial/ territories incorporation.

Secondly, get yourself a Federal business number. Also, the corporation income tax account from the CRA or Canada Revenue Agency.

Thirdly, get registered as an extra-provincial. Alternatively, as an extra-territorial corporation. That is, in all the other Canadian jurisdictions. Hence, where you plan to do your business.


Choosing the unique business name for registering your business or the business registration online cra is the prime thing. Your name should reflect the kind of business you are choosing to do. For example, you are registering yourself as a real estate operative. That is, in the Real Estate industry in Toronto. Apart from this, you are choosing a name that reflects like you are a retailer. Hence, for example ON THE RUN or something like that. Obviously, it won’t suit you. Further, won’t make you the Lords of the game in your field. Thus, as the name you have chosen reflects as if. Like you are running a patrol station side shop. Precisely, by the name ‘ON THE RUN’.

Secondly, the name should be a unique name which you can check from the name checker online. If it says online prior to doing the online business registration that the name already exists. Obviously, than you must choose another name. A name which is one unique name. Hence, as well as reflects the kind of business you shall be doing. Thirdly, the name must be easily remembered, as a difficult name doesn’t suit a company. Especially, in the city of Toronto. A massive city, where there are a number of companies which are doing business in parallel.


You need to choose a business structure. Thus, before you get yourself registered as a running business in Toronto in Ontario province. There are three different forms or types of business structures. These are the ones, that includes sole proprietorship. Furthermore, a partnership and a corporation.

  • Sole Proprietorship:

    A sole proprietorship is something quite informally. Apart from this, easily created and this is a reason. Hence, why it’s the most common structure of business. That is, chosen by most of the entrepreneurs. In this business structure. Hence, the business as well as the operator are the same precisely in the eyes of the law. That is, the judiciary and the tax authorities which are the tax governing. Furthermore, the taxation controlling departments.

  • Partnership:

    A partnership holds similarities to a sole proprietorship. However, the difference is that instead of one proprietor. Obviously, there are two. Also, even three involved. As with a sole proprietorship. Thus, there is no proper legal structure as such for a partnership. In the case of a partnership. The partners have some type of a contractual agreement between them. Further, this is something that governs the sharing of the revenues. Also, the expenses as well as what work. Apart from this, how much work one partner shall be doing.

  • Corporation:

    It is when you incorporate a business. Thus, you create ownership shares something which produces a taxation. Furthermore, a legal distance b/w the company. Apart from this, its shareholders. This is something that comes with tax advantages. Most vitally, for the business owners.


Before making a registration. Alternatively, for business registration online. Obviously, you need to search the Ontario business registry. That is, for business name check.

Secondly, you need to create a ONe-Key account. Next you need to login your ONe key account. Apart from this, register yourself for a Service Ontario account. Thus, as they are the ones who maintain business registration records.

Next, you need to Log in to your service Ontario account. That is, for the sake of registering your business. Thus, as a Sole proprietorship. Also, a General Partnership or a Ontario limited liability Partnership. Apart from this, Extra- Provincial limited liability Partnership, Limited Partnership. Finally, the Business Corporation.


All you need for online business registration. Alternatively, the business registration online. Hence, you would need a 9-digit Ontario Business Identification number. Also, known as your unique BIN#. Alternatively, the unique business identification number. You will be needing this number. That is, in the future to incorporate. Also, for creation of an import/export account. Finally, registering yourself with the CRA or the Canada Revenue Agency. Also, you need to know as someone registering your business online. Precisely, that your business registration number. That is, the Ontario BIN# or Ontario Business Registration number from Service Ontario differs. That is, from the Business Number which is provided by the CRA. Also, known in Canada as the Canada Revenue Agency.