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cerb eligibility criteria


CERB also known as Canada Emergency Response Benefit or the CERB Service Canada. In the era when COVID-19 took place as ironically it was formed. That is, for the sake of helping the Canadians. Hence, while providing them with emergency response. Importantly, in terms of the financial support. This is the financial support to both, that is, who were working as self-employed. Those who were deeply affected by COVID-19. Thus, as well as apart from others. Hence, while working in a company. That is, in full-time employment.

The applicants who passed the CERB eligibility criteria. Thus, received CAD $2,000 for a 4 week period. That is, $500 per week. Thus, between the dates of March 15 and September 26th 2020.


The CERB Service Canada came as a massive assistance. That is, for the people in most wanting times. Obviously, regarded as tough times for the people of Canada. That is, those working as self-employed. Otherwise, while working for an organisation.

The toughest times that world has faced was the pandemic COVID-19. However, there were few countries that helped. That is, in restoring the pride of the daily workers. As well as, the self-employed ones. Canada has been able to come up as a country that helped its workers. Especially, restore their pride in most wanting times.

Obviously, the working class in Canada either working on the daily wages. That is, hourly work patterns. Otherwise, on fixed monthly income. Ironically, are all heavily dependent on their salaries. That is, for sake of paying off their bills. As well as, their rents and their mortgages. Apart from this, as well as all other types of loans. It obviously came as a massive blessing for those workers. As well as, provided sustainability for them regards the circumstances.



CERB Service Canada is a Govt. program that was initiated in the times of COVID-19. Furthermore, is known as sustainability into action. That is, for the most valued reasons.

It became the new name of sustainability. Hence, while making the people relax. That is, in terms of financial concerns. Esp. in times of COVID-19. It mentions clearly that nothing can stop the mission of Canada. As well as, the people of Canadians. Thus, while living. Hence, apart from just working in Canada. As well as, while providing people with the daily sustenance. Deeply hurt by the pandemic as especially in the world.


As we have already mentioned the CERB eligibility criteria before. Obviously, the applicants should be fulfilling these criteria. Ironically, as for those applicants who doesn’t fulfil the eligibility criteria. Hence, while they make a CERB application online. They might not able to enjoy the benefits of CERB emergency response benefit program. This has been the course of the CERB. That is, for all the Canadians working. Ironically, as the criteria means everything for the Govt. emergency response benefit program.

CERA known as COVID Emergency Rental Assistance Program. Ironically, is similar to CERB as a sister program of it. It is a program of similar nature. However, providing financial assistance in form of rental assistance in times of COVID-19. Similar to a CERB Application Online the CERA is also applied online. Apart from this, the eligibility needs to be there. That is, for the Canadian rent owner.

Eligibility criteria matters indeed in all financial assistance. Furthermore, the response benefit programs as following the strict principles and laws. Hence, while managing the recovery of the people is a vital necessity.

In terms of the assistance which is vitality for sake of rapid recovery. Importantly, it’s the CERB Service in Canada that was able to provide the people of Canada massive assistance. As well as, support especially in times of COVID-19. The support was immensely carried forward Post COVID-19. In addition to this, helped many people recover from the critical times.

It’s Important That All Applicants Meet The Eligibility:

Sticking with the strict eligibility criteria. Obviously, helped manage the program. That is, for the sake of only those that were regarded as the most deserving people. Otherwise, the most deserving candidates.

For people who needed to apply online or wanted to know how to apply for CERB. That is, two to three years back in time. For them the GOVT. of Canada provided many informative online platforms. Thus, merged with a number of Canadian accounting companies. Also, including MB Accounting.

Was It The Backbone of Canadian Resilience?

The CERB wasn’t the backbone of Canadian resilience. However, the support it provided to Canadian workers was just something that was extraordinary.

All credit goes to the Canadian workers. That is, in different fields. These are ones, who didn’t gave up while they were able to fulfil the eligibility criteria of CERB. Also the credit goes to the Govt. think tanks in different sectors. Ones who introduced programs like CERB & CERA & also similar recovery programs in field of health. As well as, agriculture in Canada. Thus, supporting the Canadian economy. Apart from this, also providing Canada with some sort of resilience. The resilience is always something that holds vitality. That is, in different sectors as all of them are deeply connected. Importantly, with each other in form of economic & financial support. At the end of the day, the importance is for the people. That is, the working class that are working every day. That is, for the prosperity of Canada & its values that are Int.


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The personal tax credit return & Canadian Corporate tax return are also known in short as PTR or CTR in accounting terminologies in Canada. Obviously, for a business owner who is working self-employed. As well as, for the fresh entrepreneurs who have achieved entrepreneurial success. Both of them hold key priorities of success as well as tax filing needs to be one timely process. Same is the case for an Income tax return as well.

Tax filing of your returns needs to be on time very strictly. Obviously, as deadlines in tax returns needs to be a very timely process. It is part of the duties of accountants just like if the accounting companies holds responsibilities. Importantly, of calculations of the monthly earnings. That is, the wage calculations or payroll. For those employees working on a payroll or on hourly wage patterns.


The following are some of the most vital tips for filing Canadian corporate tax return & personal tax credit return.

  1. Manage Personal Tax & Corporate Tax While Keeping A Log Of Payments:

The management of PTR & CTR i.e. Personal Tax Return & Corporate Tax return can be made a very easy process. As well as something which obviously you will make more organized, if you keep a log of your payments. These are ones, which relates to all the tax filing or returns i.e. PTR, CTR and Income tax returns as well.

The log is indeed something advantageous as it mentions the details as well as the deadline of your pending payments. An advantage that the business owners and the entrepreneurs would enjoy, while they keep proper track of their taxation activities.

  1. Ensuring All Taxes Are Paid On Time:

As part of your CSR as well as to avoid the late penalties or the fines. Obviously, it is necessary to make sure that all taxes are paid on time. Timeliness is the most vital key while you pay the Corporate Tax Return, Income Tax Return or Personal Tax Return.

Ensuring this that you make this a timely habit shall always yields positive results in future. Obviously, as late filing is a disadvantage & something that you need to avoid to stay in good books.

Making sure all taxes are paid on time. Also, helps in the smoothness of the process as well as proper budgeting which holds priorities.

  1. Don’t Leave This To Your Accountant Only:

You just don’t leave this process of tax filing to your accountant only. As obviously, the trust factor must stay there, but as a business owner you must keep your eyes wide open. Canadian Corporate tax return or a CTR is indeed a mandatory requirement of the original tax filling. Obviously, as it mentions Corporate, it is a key or most vital feature of the needs of the Corporate/business world.

Not trusting solely on your accountant makes you stay conscious of all the needs of properly managing & running the show. For obvious reasons, as business demands success always.

  1. Enhances Your Entrepreneurial Skills:

How it enhances your entrepreneurial skills is just so amazing to see. Obviously, this is similar to while you are driving on your journey & stuck in different places as you don’t know how to keep looking for routes on the map. Understanding of a paper map, while you are on the road or in middle of a journey makes you well aware of where you are & how much more you need to drive to get the treasure in this case, the destination where you need be.

Similarly, if you are a rich entrepreneur. Obviously, you should keep yourself abreast of every situation. Hence, which can be helpful in changing the course of things.

  1. Makes You More Responsible For Managing Accounts:

PTR & CTR as well as the income tax makes you far more responsible of managing the accounts in future. Something, that adds to your responsibilities apart from being the profit making machine.

  1. Helps You Keep Aware Of The Changing Tax Reforms & Amounts- ‘Personal & Corporate’:

It really helps you in keeping aware of the changing tax reforms. That is, tax policies and the amounts that are the dedicated payments.

For instance, if there is a change in policy. Otherwise, a tax reform has just risen regarding a CTR in the Province Ontario. That is, only regards to the Province Ontario while you are a business owner in Brampton. Therefore, as a self-employed business owner you must be well aware of the reform. That is, the tax reform or if there is a change of payment regards to future tax payment.

Obviously, your knowledge of something like this happening. Importantly, will make you well aware of a Personal Tax Credit Return. Also, an Income Tax Return or otherwise. Knowledge is king in the business world & shall always make your awareness reach the heights.

  1. Helps You In Managing Your Business:

It really helps you in managing your business as you must know everything that can affect your business performance.

Making a realisation of your business responsibilities adds to effectiveness in your business procedures. A positive from an entrepreneur’s point of view.

For example, you have applied for a business loan for a business expansion. Ironically, your tax payments needs being intact. Thus, so that directly or in-directly it doesn’t bother your loan approval. Although, it shouldn’t. But, you can’t take risk at all.

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Bookkeeper or the accountants in more sophisticated manner are the ones. Obviously, that boost your businesses. This is a key reason why they play a massive role in a company’s progress. A progress, which is highly dependent on bookkeepers. These are ones, who are responsible for the monthly bookkeeping.

They are the ones who prepare the financial statements. Hence, the statements, which includes the P&L accounts. Also, the Balance Sheet. As well as, the Income & Expenditure Accounts. Thus, also known as I&E accounts. As well as, the Cash Flow Statements. All these accounting statements. Apart from this, the procedures. Thus, are the ones that helps in organising the company’s goals. Apart from this, their periodical targets. As well as, their investment strategies.



The bookkeeper are the ones who helps in making the company budget. That is, their monthly budget. They help in aligning the monthly expenses. Thus, as well as planning for the future forecasts. Also, to align their investment strategies for the future. That is, in form of costing.

For small business bookkeeping. Obviously, it is an absolute advantage. Hence, as the amount of capital expenditure. Thus, available for small businesses. Obviously, is very limited as compared to the bigger firms.


Bookkeeping for all types of businesses. Obviously, helps in the allocation of resources. It shows that how much amount needs to be allocated. Ironically, to which department in a company. Thus, as bookkeeping is something that helps in finding the right financial solutions. Precisely, for the company’s goals.

Whether, it’s the balance sheet. As well as, the income & expenditure account. Alternatively, the cash flow statement. Thus, all helps in the allocation of the resources. Furthermore, the allotment of the right amount. That also, in the right place at the right time.


Bookkeeping helps you in finding out the right payback period. That is, the period or the time duration. Precisely, in which your investment shall pay you back. The payback period might be in 3 years’ time or 4 years’ time. Alternatively, even 5 years’ time. In addition to this, that period shall help you in realising the facts. These are the ones necessary for your future investments.

Payback period is the most accurate time period. That is, for the evaluation of the correct period for your investment. Furthermore, what advantage that investment can give you. That is, in the near future. It helps you in making good analysis of the future investment strategies. Obviously, by investment strategies. Simply, it means that how you want to breakdown your investments. That is, what is your investment strategy? Apart from this, how you would diversify your investments. Not so productive for small business bookkeeping. Thus, than as compared with the large businesses. However, always helps them. That is, the small businesses realise their investment targets. Apart from this, the future goals.


Having an understanding of your profitability. That is, via the use of Income & Expenditure accounts. Apart from this, the Balance Sheet Statements. Thus, is something that helps regards to ways to improve the profitability margins. The accounting firm as well as accountancy services both are the ones that acts as a consultancy firm. Especially, for the clients to improve their profitability margins. They can achieve these results. Hence, via the use of various accounting ratios. That is, for the sake of finding out the current position.

For example, a liquidity ratio helps in finding out the current position of liquidity. Obviously, all these ratio analysis is achieved. Hence, via making the use of a bookkeeper. Someone, who is responsible for making the Balance Sheet. Apart from this, the Income & Expenditure Accounts. Finally, the Cash Flow statements. Obviously, apart from the Profit & Loss account. Furthermore, other statements that are mandatory for the client.

According to the financial statements from the accountancy services. The profitability is a huge calculation that demonstrates. Obviously, how a company is performing. Thus, as compared to their previous profitability margins.


The bookkeepers via use of the financial statements. Apart from this, the budgetary control statements. Effectively, always helps in making the right analysis of a situation. This is true for both an accounting firm. Thus, as well as hired accountancy services. These can even be regarded as a consultancy services. Hence, as they brilliantly help in making the right analysis of a situation.

A right analysis at the right time is a key Pre-requisite. Alternatively, a requirement. Therefore, the requirements analysis. Thus, always helps in future decision making. All overshadowed by a series of past events. As well as, the situation analysis. In world of accounting a situation analysis. That is, via the bookkeepers always is a helpful factor for most effective. Apart from this, for highly productive results.





The bottom line is that all the five key reasons mentioned above. Ironically, helps small & medium sized. In addition to this, in few rare cases. Also, the large companies in boosting their business. This includes their sales strategies. Also, their investment strategies. In addition to this, their profitability analysis. All the analysis matters for sake of company’s targets. As well as, their vision in long term. Apart from their success in the future.

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annual return


Accounting & Business Services in Ontario provides specialised services. These are ones, for the professionals that are the business owners. Otherwise, working in Ontario as self-employed business owners. These services includes professional bookkeeping services. Also, directorship swapping. Furthermore, the streamline payroll services. Thus, all as part of the accounting & business services in Ontario Province. Similarly, the taxation services. These are ones, that includes submitting an annual return. Precisely, in the Province Ontario.

For obvious reasons, submitting an annual return is a key part of accountancy operations. As well as, the key part of the accounting procedures. However, they are different as they vary from Province to Province. Therefore, ironically in Ontario Province. Catered a bit differently is this annual return filing. Also, known as the submissions.

THE SPECIALISED PAYROLL SERVICES -A Key Part Of Accounting & Business Services’:

Specialised Outsourced payroll services or streamline payroll services. Apart from this, operations is a dynamic part of business. As well as, the accounting services. That is, in the Ontario Province these days. Obviously, as companies don’t want to take the hassle of payroll services. Thus, as they want specialised payroll services. Importantly, to take part in the process of change. Hence, while the companies act as change agent.

Outsourced payroll services are the ones. Obviously, that are engineered for more success. Precisely, in most sectors in Canada. They are advantageous in a number of ways. Apart from this, these are ways that makes outsourced payroll services. Thus, as being more acknowledged. That is, for sake of sharing the key. As well as, the most vital operations of payroll. All they need is the employee data. Hence, which is the employee ID. Also, the unique tax ref. number. Furthermore, all the other key details. These are ones, that are vital for sake of managing. As well as, streamline the payroll services.

Other advantages also includes managing the payroll. Esp. of hundreds of employees. That is, in parallel. Apart from this, making the management of payroll services easier. Furthermore, far more manageable. Dispatching of the payslips direct to the employee’s home address. As well as, sending them the e-mail copy. Otherwise, the electronic copy. Ironically, is also a responsibility of the dedicated payroll services. Hence, once the operations are streamlined. Thus, it is when they are automated for success. That is, for success of the firm. As well as, helps in managing the budget. Thus, apart while reducing the responsibilities. Importantly, of the accounting staff in the company.


The other services as accounting services. That is, provided by companies in Ontario. Thus, apart from a number of services provided. Includes, the directorship swapping. Furthermore, change of the directors shares. Hence, according to the agreements. These are mutual terms i.e. between the directors.

Directorship is a very important part of a company. That is, whether big or small. Apart from this, the companies can’t take this. Obviously, as a light affair.


Professional bookkeeping services which are being carried on account of accounting services. As well as, business services includes bookkeeping. These services includes managing the company’s balance sheet. Also, their P&L accounts. As well as, the Income & Expenditure Accounts. Furthermore, the Cash flow Statements of the companies. Also, managing taxation services (indirectly a part of bookkeeping). Apart from this, other bookkeeping services. These are ones, that includes T a/c’s. Furthermore, other accounting statements.

The bookkeeping is a key part of the accounting procedures. Furthermore, there are a number of companies in Toronto. As well as, the suburbs of Toronto (Ontario) alone that makes bookkeeping. Thus, as the specialised services. Hence, while being a key part of the accounting & business services.



Annual Tax returns are part of the tax filing procedures. Most importantly, of all the provinces. However, the handling of the tax returns. Apart from this, the tax filing. Thus, takes place differently in Ontario Province. Obviously, while it takes place differently in the other provinces of Canada. The country is divided into ten Provinces. As well as, the three territories. In addition to this, the tax filing is handled a bit differently. That is, in all of them.

Effectively from the Oct 2021, Ontario Corporations must register. Furthermore, file their annual returns (not a tax return. But rather, an informational one). Hence, while using the Ontario Business Registry System. Also known as, OBRS.

Prior to Oct 2021. The Ontario Corporations filed their annual returns. That is, in Conjunction with their Corporate Income Tax Returns (i.e. when the Corporate Tax Returns was filed. The annual Return was filed automatically). There is a lot of confusion. Thus, regarding these filings. Apart from the filing, the submissions as well. As the access the accountants. Furthermore, the lawyers has been very limited. Therefore, leaving the corporate owners/ directors/ officers to file their own.


Business services as well as specialised accounting services. Alternatively, professional bookkeeping services. Hence, demands professionalism. This is off-course of the highest quality. These are specialised services. Whether, the payroll services. That is, the outsourced payroll services. As well as, the bookkeeping services. Also, annual return filings & submissions. Finally, the directorship swapping. As well as, the change of the director’s or the owner’s share of percentage.

Submitting an annual return. These are the annual returns in Ontario Province. Obviously, if the returns are filed late. It shall cause the penalty. Otherwise, known as the late filing fine (the late filing charges). That is, to rise on an everyday basis. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of the business owner. Alternatively, the professional accountants. The one who is in-charge of the accounts. That is, to take care of the final date of tax filling. Hence, which might be different for the Ontario Province. Precisely, than it is for British Columbia Province as an e.g. As a business owner who is paying the accounting charges. As well as, the professional business services, their fees. They must also connect well for best business practice. That is, for sake of a far better. As well as, much improved. As well as, improvised pro business services.

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Bookkeeping in Canada


The bookkeeping in Canada. Especially, the bookkeeping in Toronto services are regarded as one of the most important. Furthermore, the most determining services for sake of company growth process. In Canada, bookkeeping for a company. As well as, if you are working as a self-employed business owner. Hence, needs to be taken very seriously. Apart from this, for the sake of growth. It is a mandatory thing, for sake of managing the accounts. Also, the maintenance of accounts. Holds prime importance for budgeting. Finally, the evaluation of company performance. Thus, as well as taxation.

According to the legislative policies of Canada. In addition to this, the rules and regulations applied. It’s bookkeeping in Toronto. Needs to be taken very seriously, esp. in Canada. The specialised services of accountants & tax experts in bookkeeping. Thus, helps companies to stay by the law.



With the many innovative & advancements as well as amalgamations of operations with technology. The bookkeeping services in life of a Canadian business accountant. Obviously, have moved successfully towards automation. Whether, its small business bookkeeping. Alternatively, the bookkeeping for large. As well as, the established companies in Canada. Otherwise, bookkeeping in Toronto. Alternatively, the bookkeeping in Vancouver. It doesn’t matter much. As the importance of the needs. That is, the need analysis has merged things up. That is, for the success values into automation of bookkeeping. A process that demands sheer excellence.

Automating your bookkeeping services that includes tax filing online. Furthermore, making accounts by help of accounting software has made things very organized. Especially, in the field of finance & accounting. Not only has this, in terms of storing key accounts. Furthermore, the information in form of the databases made bookkeeping an art of the modern world. That is, the modern accounting principles. This revolves heavily around automation of the bookkeeping services. These are options that companies are opting for sake of rapid growth. Additionally, the involving technology. Hence, while being a big difference.

TAX FILING ONLINE- ‘Canada’s Vital Requirement’:

Online tax filing is an indirect part of the bookkeeping. Obviously, as taxation is something that is deeply involved with bookkeeping. Ironically, tax filing. That is, filing your PTR or personal tax returns. Alternatively, the CTR. Can be done online is something, i.e. the CTR or Corporate Tax Returns. That is, via automation or via use of technology.


Used in Canada, being part of most common accounting software. Obviously, have reached large numbers. However, there are some of the best. Used very commonly these days in Canada. Thus, as well as the most selected.

These includes Quickbooks, Oracle NetSuite & FreshBooks. Also, includes, Sage, 1-800 Accountant, Patriot & Zoho Books. Finally, the Xendo, Xero & Merio. The QuickBooks and Oracle NetSuite. Thus, along with FreshBooks. Obviously, is three of the top accounting software used in Canada. That is, for small business bookkeeping. Hence, as well as medium sized business bookkeeping.

THE AUTOMATION PROCESS- ‘Initiating The Change Process’:

The automation process of your bookkeeping for success. Obviously, demands consistent use of the accounting software. These are the software, such as QuickBooks or FreshBooks. It might for a few reasons. Thus, seem as a rather bigger hassle. However, consistency is the key in bookkeeping. The process of automation starts with storing information. That is, storage & retrieval of data & automating the accounting information. Also, the clustering information in the databases. The process is a fast one as automating things helps. Precisely, in many ways. That is, regards to the information storage. As well as, the gathering of information.

The automation of the accounting process. Obviously, involves the role of a software. Therefore, what’s important is that the software is tested for errors. Hence, as well as the discrepancies. The accounting software should be in hand of the people. These are experts, who have a good understanding of both the field of accounting. Hence, as well as IT. Success with bookkeeping is achieved, obviously not only via consistency. However, also helps in budgeting for success. A highly improvised way to make good profits in very quick time. A reason why one of the software most commonly used in Canada is the QuickBooks. Therefore, a Canadian business accountant. Fortunately, enough needs to be equipped with skills of Software. That is, IT & Accounting at the same time.


Some of the most distinguished benefits. Thus, associated with automated bookkeeping for the Canadian business accountant. Furthermore, also for small business bookkeeping. Alternatively, a Mbe Cpa includes saving loads of time making accounts manually. Made via use of software which now can be for obvious reasons. Apart from saving some precious time for both small. As well as, the medium sized business owners. Obviously, it saves them a huge amount of costs. That is, the money or finances. For sake of better options. As things are automated, def. limits the errors. In addition to this, the calculations doesn’t involve the humans. However, they involve the role of the most high-tech machines. That is, the computers.

It provides its consumers and users with real-time data. Obviously, as automation highly improves the real-time reporting. In terms of limiting the errors. Also, the file management. As well as, the storage becomes easier. In addition to this, the streamlining of most stakeholder’s access. Precisely, to the most relevant data. That is, in terms of the relevancy.

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Thus, automated bookkeeping is the need of the modern era. Apart from this, a need that has risen. Technology is what it is attributed to furthermore. Dedicated for the accounting as technology now has a big role. As well as the key financial services being merged with the IT.

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Legal advice Canada


For sake of legal issues. As well as the financial issues in terms of consultancy services. Apart from this, informed decision making. The best thing for the clients. As well as, the customers is to gain potential knowledge. Legal Advice Canada as being a Canadian citizen. That is, if you are looking for the best legal advice. Obviously, in terms of many aspects. These can relate to immigration matters. Apart from this, any sort of legal conflicts. Also, business conflicts. Furthermore, all kinds of legal affairs related to accounting. Furthermore, the corporate affairs and auditing. Also, all sort of issues that relates to legal advice in Canada.

Hence, you are just there at the right place as MB Accounting can provide all kind of legal advice. Thus, along with informed decisions to you in quick time.

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It’s the basic right of a Canadian citizen. That is, they empower themselves with informed decision making. Importantly, at the right time in form of legal advice. There are many legal advisory services. Hence, as well as accounting services in Canada. Particularly, working for the benefit of the people. Apart from that their goals as well. All have a vision in mind apart from earning money. That is, helping the Canadian citizens for their best decision making. That is, against all kinds of legal advice.


Looking for tax consultant near me. That is, for the best tax consultancy. You should do the adequate research. That is, regards to a tax consultant’s background. Furthermore, gain some potential knowledge. Precisely, regards to the services that the tax consultants can provide. Thus, along with the history of the tax consultant. Apart from this, the reviews. That is, the customer reviews.

Similarly, the accounting services & audit service. Hence, both are a set of financial services. These are ones, which needs reputation of a long time. Thus, while working in the financial corporate sector for the sake of mutual growth. The accounting sector as well as financial sector in Canada needs most professionals. Precisely, to take part for the regional growth.

LEGAL ADVICE CANADA- ‘Aspects That Matters For Customers’:

In Legal advice Canada, there are a number of aspects. These are key aspects that matters for customers. These aspects obviously includes. The role of the advisory services. That is, in terms of the right advice to the clients. Furthermore, for the sake of potential customers. Hence, as well as developing a wide customer base.

The advice should be in light of the legalities. That is, the law. Further, what needs to be done in certain situations. Thus, as a good law abiding citizen. Most law abiding citizens keep all their things in-tact. However, for instance. If they are looking for tax consultant near me. Fortunately, they find some good ones in list. All they need to do is have an understanding of the current tax reforms. As well as, requirements in light of Canadian law. This is something that might relate to CTR. That is, the Corporate Tax Returns. As well as, the PTR. That is, the Personal Tax Returns. Obviously, as tax returns holds utmost importance for an individual. Especially, those who owns his company. Otherwise, they are working self-employed.


With the perspective of the company. That is, those providing legal advice. The company should deeply look into the requirements specifications of client. Furthermore, provide them the best advice. That is, in the light of the current amendments in Canada. For those who are new in Canada. Obviously, they must deal with them a bit differently. That is, provide them sound knowledge.

Especially, for highly informed. As well as, responsible decision making. Obviously, the process of decision making. In most circumstances, is the most important one for clients. Thus, as the decision making matters. That is, for the sake of a better. As well as, a more sustainable future for all. Regards to the service providers or those who give legal advice. Ironically, they should get to the roots of the problem. For example, if the legal advice needs to be in relation with divorce. Also, one needs a divorce lawyer. He should get to roots of the family matter.


The accounting services & audit service Canada. Both in most of the cases are provided. That is, by the same financial services company. The various set of accounting service in Canada. Thus, includes the book keeping services. Furthermore, all these are empowering you. That is, with the knowledge for informed decisions.

The financial statements . Also, known as FS that are made according to the financials. Also, the legal laws in Canada reflects the economy. As well as, the accounting requirements of Canada. The legal advice Canada services in most of the cases. Hence, are merged with the accounting services. Furthermore, the audit service Canada. However, there are a number of companies. These are ones, that are dedicated for providing the financial services. As well as, that includes accounting, taxation & audit ones. To look out for legal advice. Obviously, you need to find specialised legal services.


MB Accounting provides accounting. As well taxation services. Also, the audit, tax advisory. Apart from this the legal services. The role of the firm. As well as, the goal is to help its clients. That is, in light of Canadian laws. Particularly, regards to most kinds of financial. As well as, the legal matters.


So, if you are based in Scarborough, & looking for tax consultant near me. Certainly, you shall find the MB accounting in your list of services. Obviously, that shall help you in future. Our reputation is a guarantee of all kinds of success for the customers as well as potential ones.

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GST HST taxation

Canadian Taxpayer Compass: Your Definitive Manual to GST, PST & HST

A Canadian taxpayer is bounded to pay a number of taxes as and according to the situation. Furthermore, the circumstances. The change circumstances applies as well as a Canadian taxpayer changed circumstances. Hence, might also qualify them from getting tax exemptions as according to situation changed circumstances. As a HST Company, you need to charge the Harmonized Sales Tax. Also, the GST or the Goods & Services Tax. Hence, as well as Provincial Sales Tax are ones that applies regards to the Provincial differentiation or the Provincial boundaries. Obviously, it varies from one Province to another Province. In addition to this, from one Territory to another territorial boundary.

The Goods & Services Tax varies according to the goods. Thus, as well as the products being purchased. Also, it varies regards to the services being taken. It is a critical part of the services industry. Obviously, as services tax makes you qualify for the services that are being taken by you. These services includes the services in the health sector. Also, the services in the safety & surveillance industry. Further, the services regards to the emergency services in Canada that includes Police, Fire and Ambulance (Health). Also, a number of other services that makes the services industries in Canada what they are. However, the dependencies are on the tax.

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Here is a complete guide that will help you regards to the taxes in Canada. These are as follows;


HST or Harmonized Sales Tax was something that was introduced in the year 1997 with a harmonized sales tax rate. This is a rate that combines the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) with the Federal Goods & Services Tax (GST).

HST is simply a consumption tax which is levied at the Point of Sale. That is, when the sales is exactly happening. This is something which adds a percentage to the selling price of goods and services. Obviously, that are collected from the customers. Thus, a HST company, can be regarded as one charging the HST from the customers. Consumption tax is what it can also be elaborated as. That is, regards to the consumption rate also known as the rate of consumption.

The HST Company Program or simply a HST Program. Ironically, aims to combine both the Federal GST. In addition to this, the PST to become one standard rate. Precisely, for the sake of promoting consistency as well as improve the efficiency levels associated with sales tax collection. The number of Provinces that makes HST or Harmonized Sales Tax applies to their Provincial boundaries are just five provinces. Therefore, as a matter of fact, it doesn’t exactly applies in the rest of the five provinces. Neither, has it applied in the three territories of Canada. The five Provinces includes Ontario with a HST of 13%, PEI or Prince Edward Island with a HST of 15% & Nova Scotia with a HST of 15%. Finally, it’s the New Brunswick – HST 15% and New Found land & Labrador –HST 15%.


It is one of the common sales tax across the Province Canada and is known as the GST or the Goods & Services Tax.

The GST in Canada is normally 5% on the supply of most goods. As well as, the services purchased in Canada. As a supplier of Goods and Services, you must charge and collect the GST in each Province of Canada. However, there is an exception. Something, which we have discussed and highlighted earlier. That is, unless you supply exempt or zero-rated goods and services to your customers.

There are Provinces in Canada that charge only GST (no PST). These are Alberta, Yukon, Nunavut, and the Northern Territories.

PROVINCIAL SALES TAX (PST)- ‘A Variance For The Canadian Taxpayer’:

Provincial Sales Tax or PST is according to the various Provinces of Canada. On top of this, there are certain limitation. That is, regards to the PST. Importantly, as not all Provinces take part in this tax program. In certain Provinces the PST is named with a different name. However, everything else is the same except for the name.

The Provinces where PST applies. Thus, includes the Province British Columbia where the PST is 7% PST on the retail price. The second Province in the list of Provinces is Manitoba. That is, 8% retail sales tax (RST) on the retail price. The Province Saskatchewan: 6% PST on Retail Price. Finally, the Quebec: 9.975% Quebec Sales Tax (QST).

In the Province Manitoba PST is known with a different name. Thus, as we mentioned earlier there are certain Provinces where the name is not the same. That is, a PST. It is known as RST or Retail Sales Tax in Manitoba Province. QST or Quebec Sales Tax is what it is known as in the Province Quebec. The latter one being the only Province of Canada. That is, the French-speaking Province. Hence, where the tax is named after the name of the Province. That is, QST or Quebec Sales Tax.




There are obviously certain factors that affects the tax rate. The three main ones are type of supply. Also, the location where the supply is made from. Supply is made to whom, as a final of the three factors. All these three factors contribute to the GST/HST taxation rate.

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business registration online


Registering your business in Toronto can be a very simple process. Hence, if you follow the guidelines in a step-wise format. Business registration online is a very simple process. Ironically, as most of the businesses these days in Toronto city. Thus, are done online. This is to avoid the complexities. Precisely, of going through the hassles of registration of your business. Otherwise, while taking the services of a specialised accountant. For business registration online Ontario. Hence, obviously as Ontario is the Province in which Toronto is placed. Thus, being the largest cities of Ontario province.

For Online business registration the first & primary thing is the name of the company. The company name should be a unique one on the website of CRA. That is, the Canada revenue Agency. Obviously, as the company that is registered for business in Canada. Hence, needs to be registered initially on the CRA for business registration online cra. Canada revenue agency. Alternatively, the CRA keeps a record of all the businesses. Thus, as the unique company registration number. Specifically, provides all the details of the company. That is, in form of the taxation provided. Apart from this, all the rest of the key aspects associated.

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Initially, you need to incorporate your business. That is, through federal incorporation or the provincial/ territories incorporation.

Secondly, get yourself a Federal business number. Also, the corporation income tax account from the CRA or Canada Revenue Agency.

Thirdly, get registered as an extra-provincial. Alternatively, as an extra-territorial corporation. That is, in all the other Canadian jurisdictions. Hence, where you plan to do your business.


Choosing the unique business name for registering your business or the business registration online cra is the prime thing. Your name should reflect the kind of business you are choosing to do. For example, you are registering yourself as a real estate operative. That is, in the Real Estate industry in Toronto. Apart from this, you are choosing a name that reflects like you are a retailer. Hence, for example ON THE RUN or something like that. Obviously, it won’t suit you. Further, won’t make you the Lords of the game in your field. Thus, as the name you have chosen reflects as if. Like you are running a patrol station side shop. Precisely, by the name ‘ON THE RUN’.

Secondly, the name should be a unique name which you can check from the name checker online. If it says online prior to doing the online business registration that the name already exists. Obviously, than you must choose another name. A name which is one unique name. Hence, as well as reflects the kind of business you shall be doing. Thirdly, the name must be easily remembered, as a difficult name doesn’t suit a company. Especially, in the city of Toronto. A massive city, where there are a number of companies which are doing business in parallel.


You need to choose a business structure. Thus, before you get yourself registered as a running business in Toronto in Ontario province. There are three different forms or types of business structures. These are the ones, that includes sole proprietorship. Furthermore, a partnership and a corporation.

  • Sole Proprietorship:

    A sole proprietorship is something quite informally. Apart from this, easily created and this is a reason. Hence, why it’s the most common structure of business. That is, chosen by most of the entrepreneurs. In this business structure. Hence, the business as well as the operator are the same precisely in the eyes of the law. That is, the judiciary and the tax authorities which are the tax governing. Furthermore, the taxation controlling departments.

  • Partnership:

    A partnership holds similarities to a sole proprietorship. However, the difference is that instead of one proprietor. Obviously, there are two. Also, even three involved. As with a sole proprietorship. Thus, there is no proper legal structure as such for a partnership. In the case of a partnership. The partners have some type of a contractual agreement between them. Further, this is something that governs the sharing of the revenues. Also, the expenses as well as what work. Apart from this, how much work one partner shall be doing.

  • Corporation:

    It is when you incorporate a business. Thus, you create ownership shares something which produces a taxation. Furthermore, a legal distance b/w the company. Apart from this, its shareholders. This is something that comes with tax advantages. Most vitally, for the business owners.


Before making a registration. Alternatively, for business registration online. Obviously, you need to search the Ontario business registry. That is, for business name check.

Secondly, you need to create a ONe-Key account. Next you need to login your ONe key account. Apart from this, register yourself for a Service Ontario account. Thus, as they are the ones who maintain business registration records.

Next, you need to Log in to your service Ontario account. That is, for the sake of registering your business. Thus, as a Sole proprietorship. Also, a General Partnership or a Ontario limited liability Partnership. Apart from this, Extra- Provincial limited liability Partnership, Limited Partnership. Finally, the Business Corporation.


All you need for online business registration. Alternatively, the business registration online. Hence, you would need a 9-digit Ontario Business Identification number. Also, known as your unique BIN#. Alternatively, the unique business identification number. You will be needing this number. That is, in the future to incorporate. Also, for creation of an import/export account. Finally, registering yourself with the CRA or the Canada Revenue Agency. Also, you need to know as someone registering your business online. Precisely, that your business registration number. That is, the Ontario BIN# or Ontario Business Registration number from Service Ontario differs. That is, from the Business Number which is provided by the CRA. Also, known in Canada as the Canada Revenue Agency.

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Corporate Tax

Filing and Paying Corporate Tax : ‘A Comprehensive Guide for Canadians’

Taxation is regarded as something most important if you are running your own business in Canada. Most people prefer to have their own personal accountants. Importantly, to keep an eye on their tax returns & filling of the returns in the most accurate manner & time. The Canadian Corporate Tax Return also known as T2 is a company tax return which needs to be filed by company ownership. Thus, so that they take proper custody & proper authority of their company legal matters. Corporate tax return is a type of a tax return and if you are into an ownership of a company. Associated with you, i.e. with a registered name. Obviously, you need a detailed understanding of how to handle a CTR.

Filling of a tax return is an implication. Hence, obviously if you are registered as self-employed business owner. However, you don’t have a company. You are just operating as self-employed business owner & working for yourself.


Unlike a PTR or personal tax return. The corporations have a choice of their own. That is, about the setting of their tax year. Once you make a decision & set your fiscal year end, i.e. something which is having a dependency on your business incorporation date. Than, obviously you must file your T2 CTR or corporate tax return. That is, within the six months after the end of your business fiscal year. For instance your business fiscal year ends up in the month of June. Obviously, you need to file the CTR or Corporate Tax return before the end of the year. That is, before Jan 1st next year or upcoming year. Just in case, if the filing deadline is falling on a weekend or a holiday. Ironically, it can carry on the next business day.

Just in case, if your corporation owes you tax. Hence, it needs being paid-off in the middle of the month, i.e. June 30.

If you are unable to pay the Canadian Corporate Tax Return. The corporation shall be liable to pay the interest on the outstanding amount. Thus, which will keep piling up if you keep ignoring the payments. As long as you are falling in line. That is, filing your tax before the deadline. Certainly, you won’t get any late filing penalties. As a good business owner, just be aware of the penalties that you shall be paying.


Some of the best & most important tips that will help in the filing of CTR or T2. That is, the corporate tax returns are as follows;


You need to be more organized in terms of all your tax filings. Hence, which will automatically keep you intact in terms of the CTR or Corporate Tax Returns. Keep a track of all your financial activities which includes credit card statements and all sort of bank statements. Obviously, the paperwork shall make you more aware of the tax returns. A separate file for the PTR & CTR shall be the best things in terms of being more organized.


The transactions that you are making, you need to keep a track of them. When you are in-doubt just make a double check. A proper file work shall make you more aware of your expenses. Also, your revenues and your net income numbers.

These are the records that shall include, the articles of association. Also, the bank statements, receipts & the invoices. Furthermore, the deposit slips, agreements and letters from the CRA. Use of software that includes the QuickBooks can be a massive help in the proper tracking of all your transactions.


For the sake of maintaining an excellent record you need to keep filing with regards to special emphasis on time. Your focus should be to avoid penalties as being the best practice.


Importantly, put the needle on the record earlier than expected. Obviously, by having your company’s income statement & the B/S or balance Sheets ready. It is not strictly that all corporations need the audited FS or financial statements. Therefore, you need discussing with the accountant in advance what’s best for you.


You can hire the services of a specialised accountant for the filing of the returns. That is, the Canadian Corporate Tax Return. This is also known as company tax return. Alternatively, & simply corporate tax returns.

The CTR can even be filed online if the company has accomplished a certain threshold of a revenue. In technical accounting terms in Canada. It is known as T2 Corporate tax. Thus, as the form for the CTR is T2 form. In the provinces of Quebec and Alberta there are added returns. That is, CO-17 Corporation Income tax returns for Quebec. Furthermore, for the Alberta Province its AT1. That is, Alberta Corporate Income Tax return.

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accounting services


The estimated costs of book-keeping & accounting services in Canada. Obviously, varies from one company to another. It also depends on the accounting services. Furthermore, the bookkeeping that the company needs for its financial matters.

Looking for accounting services near me. Firstly, you need to plan out your budget. Obviously, so that you can deal with these accountancy services. Thus, let them know what accounting records you need from them.


It’s the financial accounting advisory services that matter most. Particularly, in terms of the cost. Also, the budget needs to be planned ahead. Financial accounting advisory services are also known as financial consultancy services. Furthermore, the estimated costs are according to the consultancy. Something, that the business needs. That is, from the financial services company.

The company might need to plan a capital expenditure. Therefore, they need to take consultancy services for that. If they need to make a big investment. Interested in finding as they shall be for obvious reasons. Precisely, to know from the consultancy services. Hence, regards to the investments. Obviously, the estimated costs matters. Precisely, regards to the amount of investment that the company or the investor intends to invest in.


For small business accounting services. Obviously, the costs are always in control. Obviously, they are according to the size of the business. That is a small business that needs accounting services.

In having their book-keeping. Mostly interested are the small businesses. That is, for the most obvious reasons. This is bookkeeping for the maintenance of financial records. That is balance sheet, P&L accounts & income & expenditure accounts. That is, for the sake of calculations & maintenance of accountancy records. The calculations & maintenance are also necessary for the sake of taxation matters. Thus, tax filing is the most important thing. Especially, for small businesses in accounting services maintenance.

Also, includes self-employed business owners. That is, the ones in Canada that manage small businesses accounting records. These include shop owners. That is off-license business owners & taxi drivers. Also, the private companies, merchants for example fruit merchants & butcher shop owners. Otherwise, other shop owners include fittings, fixtures, and furniture. In addition to this, the laundry services & carpenter. Finally, the shoe merchants & clothing merchants.


From the many accounting services the advice that small businesses might need. Obviously, shouldn’t be that high. That is, in terms of the costs. The small businesses might need the following advice. Otherwise, the consultancy from the services (accounting & financial) for their kind of business. These include planning for revenue expenditure. Otherwise, getting a shop extension (is it feasible). Finally, an increase in some operations. The advice that small businesses need is initially in regard to business expansions. Furthermore, most of the time they can take their own decisions. There are very less small businesses who prefer to take advice. That is, from the external financial advisory services.


The many ways in which the costs can be reduced. Obviously, includes taking the accounting & taxation services all from one company. Furthermore, ask them for discounts on hiring them for multiple services.

For example, if the accountancy services near me are charging $650 for tax filing. These tax filing costs can be reduced. Obviously, if the taxation. Hence, the book-keeping services are taken from one company. If the cost of bookkeeping is $800 monthly for instance. In addition to this, the taxation costs $650 for instance. Thus, the total costs are approx. $1,500. If both services are taken from one company. Certainly, than the discounts they might provide. Thus, should be at least $200 to $250. The estimated costs can be saved. Hence, these are some of the ways.

For substantial reductions of the costs. That is, the financial & accounting services by a company can be taken on a consistent. That is, on a monthly basis from a single company.


It can get really hard to estimate the costs of accounting. Also, the financial services. Definitely, in a country as big as the size of Canada. Obviously, as the costs differ from one region. That is one province to another province. Also, the reputation or duration since the company is operating. Also, matters here. Obviously, as one of the key matters or issues. A company which is old enough. Apart from this, is a reputed company having a good reputation in the industry. That is the financial industry. Ironically, shall charge more for the accountancy. As well as the book-keeping services. Thus, as compared with reputed companies in the Province of Ontario.


According to a survey of some of the accounting services. Thus, they are functional in Toronto. The average book-keeping & accounting service records. Certainly, have shown variable prices. Taken as avg. of the est. costs as these are the ones. These are as follows and includes independent contractor: $220/ month. For Small businesses: $315 per month. Finally, for medium businesses, it’s $550 per month. These are for Toronto City only. Obviously, as for the city of Brampton. Furthermore, Hamilton City in Ontario. The prices are rather observed on the lower side of the grid.

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