There are a variety of types of accounting services that are offered by firms in Canada. In addition to this, we are talking about services provided all over the country. These variable accounting firm services include taxation & auditing. Also, includes book-keeping, Payroll services, legal services & other financial services. PWC also known as PricewaterhouseCoopers is a British Multinational firm based in the UK with its headquarters in London, UK. However, the firm has its presence in Toronto as well as being an MNC. It is part of the Big Four accounting firms that include EY, KPMG & Deloitte. EY or Earnest & Young is yet another multinational company based in London, England. KPMG is yet another MNC firm that has its headquarters in the Netherlands & is also a multinational firm. Finally, Deloitte is yet another financial services & accounting services providing company based in London, UK. It is yet another company that is in Toronto, Canada.

The services that these firms provide being multinational companies include assurance, risk assurance, taxation, legal services, risk advisory, data & analytics, management consulting, and digital transformation which is rather more recent in terms of the service-providing companies.

The type of accounting services offered by accounting companies in Canada includes the following;


Included in the many types of accounting services include Book-keeping services. These are services, which are provided to the many SMEs. That is small & medium-sized companies and businesses, apart from the large ones. These include Taxi & commuting services, and small businesses like small shops and businesses. Furthermore, warehouses and many other Medium-sized businesses are in operation.

The bookkeeping services vary from one company to another. Obviously, as the size of the firm if it’s a large firm or a MNC. Shall obviously hire services of larger firms in the accounting arena. Therefore, the role of an accounting firm varies significantly. Precisely, from one firm to another accounting firm. However, the concentration of the many accounting firms in the market. That is, Accounting services firms have some services in common with others. However, the price, i.e. the cost varies.

Book-keeping services are provided for SMEs. That is, Small & medium-sized businesses have a relatively lower price structure than as compared to others in the market.


Other services include Taxation. This includes corporate tax & filling of PTR or Personal Tax Returns. Furthermore, other taxation includes many other forms of tax-providing services. Filling out your tax returns, if you are a self-employed business owner, is a must on an annual basis. Thus, needs the provision of taxation services that are provided by companies.


The various types of accounting firms, while looking for the accounting firms near me. Hence, you shall also come across many firms that provide auditing services. It is a very technical thing to achieve in the accounting & financial services industry.


The wage or specialized Payroll services are also provided by big and small accounting firms. These wage services are provided to the client as outsourced services. Precisely, for the sake of providing wages that include deductions. For example, while calculating the Gross salary. The calculations of the deductions that are monthly to reach a figure most comprehensively. Thus, as the Net salary calculations. Many companies take the services of accounting firms to reach such calculations for the sake of their employee’s wage supervision.

Looking for the search options which say the Accounting firms near me. Definitely, you might come across many Accounting firms that might also include the BIG FOUR Accountancy firms. Thus, which are EY or PWC? However, as a company with regard to the scale of your earnings. Obviously, you just need to find out which Accounting Firm is the one that suits your financial needs.


While we move ahead with the types of accounting services. Obviously, that are different types of accounting services. Its management consulting services are specialized accounting services. Same here, it’s the scale of operations as if you are hiring specialized consulting services at a large scale. You can hire the services of the Big Four. Certainly, they are the most professional & might charge you on the higher side. However, while looking for management consulting services on a lower scale. That is, for the sake of re-engineering your business services. Hence, also known as BPR or Business Process Re-engineering. You just need to look out for the option of accounting firms near me. Finally, sort out the firms according to your requirements.

There are a number of other consultancy services that these firms offer & Canada is a vast land. Therefore, the consulting services vary from one Province to another. Further to this, the same goes for the variance in the territories. 

Being a fresh entrepreneur or an experienced entrepreneur. Surely, you just need an evaluation of your requirements. The evaluation of the requirement analysis will help you make a better selection of the accountancy firm that you are looking for. Precisely, talking about bigger cities like Toronto or suburbs like Brampton. Basic accounting services include taxation. Obviously, this is the need of almost all types of entrepreneurs active in the industry in Canada.